Why Be Ordained As a Priest or Interspiritual Minister?

What does it mean to be ordained? To "be ordained" means to be invested with sacred functions. Perhaps you feel "called" to perform functions such as weddings, baptisms, helping those who grieve and would like to have the credentials to so.  Why be ordained?

Depending on your spiritual background, there are many different answers to the “why ordination” question. Some of them are absurdly detailed, others make it sound as if ordination is equivalent to trying on a new pair of socks. We believe there is a sensible, moderate approach to the question "Why be ordained"?

1. Do you feel called to ordination? Do you have a sense that God* is calling you to become ordained? Has this sense persisted for some time?

2. Did you run toward ordination from the beginning, of has there been some resistance on your part? Perhaps you don’t want to become one of “those” people.

3. Can you articulate a reason you are being called? Perhaps there is a particular ministry or service in which you wish to engage, and ordination would help you do that?

Ordination is a kind of credentialling, it’s true. With it also comes the expectations and assumptions of nearly everyone you encounter. Despite that, you are free to live out your ordination in an authentic manner that doesn’t violate your integrity. We invite you to contact us for more information!

 *Please feel free to substitute your preferred word for “God.”