What does RHIMES stand for?

RHIMES is an acronym for Radically Inclusive, Heart-centered, Interspiritual, Meditative, Engaged Spirituality.  Learn more by clicking here.

What is a RHIMES Companion?

A RHIMES Companion is anyone - regardless of gender, beliefs, background, or whom you love - who commits their life to developing a deeper sense of the sacred, whatever that means for them, and is dedicated to a vowed life of prayer & service. A RHIMES Companion is one who lives the intentional life of prayer and service and who lives alone or with family, living and working in the world rather than in a monastery or temple.

Why would I be an RHIMES Companion?

One becomes a RHIMES Companion to find deeper meaning in life, wholeness, and integrity; a RHIMES Companion, like the traditional monk, lives a life of service and seeks ultimate meaning and purpose with support of a community. RHIMES Companions may choose to be Affiliated Companions or Vowed Companions. The difference, of course, is that the Vowed Companions take vows. Vows may be temporary, or, after a time, become permanent. Vowed Companions must meet certain requirements such as regular meetings with theri spiritual director. Vowed Companions might choose to live in a community, though that is not a requirement. Affiliate Companions may continue practicing RHIMES, living a life of service and purpose. 

 Why would I be an RHIMES Companion with the UAIC?

We are Universal in perspective, Anglican in our roots, and Interspiritual in practice. We are progressive and liberal. The religious landscape is changing. Institutional religion is in decline, and to a certain extent it does not matter whether or not the trend will be reversed. People have ventured out on their own, trying to build a spirituality that makes sense to them and that offers a way to make sense of our world. The raw materials are out there. Our task is to locate them, put them together, and find a community in which we can practice this spirituality of our own – but not on our own. For a spirituality to be effective, it has to be allowed to play out in community –and the UAIC is just such a community. 

With roots in a mainline tradition – Anglicanism, or the Episcopal Church – and a practice rooted in the commonalities of the great spiritual traditions, we believe we can learn from all the great traditions, incorporating teachings and practices to increase our own understanding.  We practice RHIMES Spirituality. We also believe that people are well equipped to make their own decisions about their spiritual lives.  Best of all, we meet each person wherever they are in their spiritual journey. Whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or are an adept, whether you are in a faith tradition or are spiritual but not religious, and wherever you are, we welcome you to the UAIC. Our community of Interspiritual Companions have little oversight from the UAIC, but rather are spirit-led.

What are some of the expectations Interspiritual Companions must meet?

Interspiritual Companions are expected to meet regularly with mentor and/or group leader in person or via Zoom, to be in conversation with their spiritual facilitator, behave ethically, be accountable, honor commitments, treat others with mutual respect/esteem, see our own selves in all beings, and all beings in our own selves, and look upon all life with an impartial eye. Living intentionally, Interspiritual Companions are expected to have a design to their lives to include time for labor, time with family/friends spiritual practices, and service.

What can Interspiritual Companions expect from the UAIC?

The UAIC will be part of the discernment, provide an open a space where listening and dialogue can occur, be available to talk one on one or in open Zoom meetings, facilitate communication with mentor/group leader and with others; facilitate two-way accountability, honor our commitments, assist or with or provide further education and spiritual development opportunities and recommendations.

I would like more information, what do I do?

To talk with someone from the UAIC or for more information, please send an email to unlimited spirituality at live.com. Please put “Interspiritual Companion” in the subject, and send your name, your phone number, the best time to call, and in what time zone you live.  A member of the UAIC will contact you within a few days to give you more information and, if you decide you may want to become an Interspiritual Companion, to help you begin the discernment process.

We hope to you will join us!